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Finally! Big Warm up, Record Highs Possible Across East This Week

15 May 2017, 2:13 pm

You can dust off those shorts and short sleeves, finally, across the East.

A big-time warm up is on the way for the East Coast after a cool and rainy start to spring for most of the big cities in the Northeast. Temperatures will flirt with or break record highs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday across most of the region as a preview of summer surges east, bringing 80s and 90s to most of the eastern third of the country this week.

So far this month, New York City’s average May temperature is running 3.6° below average. March was also well below average. Boston, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have also felt cooler-than-average temperatures and above average precipitation for much of the spring.

But that’s all set to change.

The jet stream, the narrow ribbon of strong winds at the upper levels of the atmosphere that often dictates our weather, will jog north, allowing warm, humid air to surge northward under the influence of a ‘Bermuda High’, an area of high pressure near Bermuda that helps draw up warm, humid air during the summer months.

Here’s a look at forecast highs over the next few days across the Northeast:

Enjoy the warmth!

And be sure to stay with WeatherNation for the latest on the impending warm up.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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