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Finally Warming – And Melting Snow?

17 Feb 2014, 11:09 am

Even as we get our latest round of snow in the Midwest and then the Northeast, there is a different buzz in the air… there is WARMING moving in.

We’re talking places like Minneapolis and Chicago, long buried under deep freezes, getting near 40 degrees on Tuesday.  We’re talking 60s as far north as eastern Kentucky for mid-week as well.

Let’s examine the last times some of these spots saw temperatures this warm…


40 Degree Cities:


Minneapolis, MN – January 12 & December 28th last times at 40° or above

Chicago, IL – January 10-13

Milwaukee, WI – January 12 & 13

Madison, WI – January 12 & 13


60 Degree Cities (Kentucky/Tennessee):


Jackson, KY – February 1 & December 19-22

Knoxville, TN – February 1 & January 11

Nashville, TN – February 1 & January 26


One thing that sticks out to me, and I’m sure it does to you as well if you live in any of these locations… it hasn’t been cold as long as it FEELS like it has been.

The big impact that has been seen around the South and even into the central sections of the nation lies in snow melt.  Perusing snow statistics earlier this morning, I was intrigued to find the following graphic:


24-Hour Snow Melt From Sun-Mon.


All of those reds & oranges indicate melting… and you can see quite a bit taking place.  It’ll be interesting to check in tomorrow and Wednesday to see how much more melting takes place.

Stay tuned!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

One response to “Finally Warming – And Melting Snow?

  1. Holy moly! The wind is blowing so hard here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I feel like we are going to be blown to OZ! Up to 65mph wind gusts today! Argh! But it was in the upper 50’s while the sun was shining yesterday! Hold on to your hats neighbors!

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