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Firefighter Leaves Heartfelt Note for Couple that Lost Everything in Weed, Calif. Wildfire

19 Sep 2014, 2:30 pm

Photo credit: Inciweb/Kari Greer
(Firefighters head into the forest to fight a wildfire in Northern California.)

Natural disasters can be both physically and emotionally devastating. And the recent fires in California, most notably the Boles Fire, have incinerated more than 100 homes; leaving dozens of families with virtually nothing. Those that have been allowed to return to their burnt out homes are now picking through the smoldering remains of all their worldly possessions, trying to salvage anything the fire may have spared.

It’s emotionally taxing work to say the least. But, a small act of kindness from a firefighter — working the blaze in Weed — is helping one couple cope with their loss.

In an interview with KTVU — the Fox affiliate in San Francisco, Calif. — Rosanna and Phillip Alvarado fled their home so quickly, they were only able to take a few keepsakes and mementos from their home of 30 years.

They returned to a scene of utter devastation, everything they owned was a maze of ash and twisted metal. In the midst of processing their loss, Phillip felt drawn to the mailbox; inside he found a sliver of paper with a hand scrawled note.

It read:

“750 Hillside Drive, sorry about your home. It was already on fire when we showed up. We moved your trucks to the other side of the road. Thanks for leaving the keys.”

The note was signed with “Calfire Siskiyou [county in northern California]”

The small act of kindness had a powerful impact on the couple, releasing a torrent of emotion.

The Siskiyou Daily reports, “Staring out into the rubble and tapping his right hand to his heart, Alvarado said, ‘There are no words.'”

The fire that caused the destruction to Weed burned nearly 480 acres. As of Friday afternoon, the Boles Fire 90 percent contained. Rain, cooler temperatures and more moisture in the atmosphere helped firefighters gain the upper hand this week.

Even though the Boles fire is nearly extinguished, wildfires continue to rage in the northern and central parts of the Golden State. For all the latest on these fires check out CALFIRE or Inciweb.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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