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First 2014 Lightning Death; 2013 Saw Fewest on Record

15 May 2014, 12:47 pm

Spring has sprung across the nation with showers and thunderstorms seemingly becoming more frequent as of late. Spring is typically one of the most active time periods for severe weather and tornadoes. According to NOAA’s NCDC, May is typically the most active tornado month of the year, averaging 276 tornadoes per year (Average from: 1991-2012). We’ve been getting a lot of great weather photos from our viewers (THANK YOU !!) – take a look at some of these great lightning photos from earlier this week!

(Image courtesy: @MarkEllingwood from Gaithersburg, MD)

5-13_2014_rce_gaithersburg, MD_lightning bolts DBZ style_tw_@MArkEllinwood

(Image courtesy: Elle Geez out of Pflugerville, TX


(Image courtesy: Donna Wick Paul from Piqua, OH)


First Lightning Death of 2014

Unfortunately, we had our first lightning death of 2014 on Friday, May 9th in Texas.

5.14.14 Lightning Deaths

2013 Lightning Fatalities; Lowest on Record

According to NOAA, the number 2013 lightning fatalities was at a record low (records date back to 1940)! There were only 23 lightning deaths, which is nearly half of what the 30 year average is.

Here’s an interesting storm from USAToday about the 2013 tornado deaths.

Florida usually sees the most deaths per year. In particular, central Florida is the lightning capital of the USA, typically having more than 100 days with thunderstorms each year. Last year, victims’ ages ranged from 8 to 66. Over the past 30 years, about 52 people on average die each year from lightning strikes. Going way back, in the 1940s, hundreds of people were killed each year by lightning; in 1943 alone, 432 people died.

5.14.14 2013 Lightning Deaths

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