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First Flakes of the Season Hit the Midwest

20 Oct 2013, 11:28 am

Here comes the snow! The Upper Midwest woke up to frosty temperatures and fat snowflakes early this morning. Most of the snow will melt quickly, and the largest accumulations will likely only be on grassy surfaces.

(Some slick spots on the roads this morning courtesy of ND DOT shown above.)

At least a dusting has fallen across the highlighted areas over the past 24 hours. Expect these totals to start rolling in later today. (Image via NOAA NOHRSC)

Our computer model puts the largest snow totals into central Minnesota, with some wintry mix headed for the Twin Cities. I’d expect to take that down a notch for the metro, and once things turn back to rain, whatever flakes DID fall will melt. Watch out if you’re traveling along I-94 between Minneapolis and Fargo today — a few slick patched might remain this afternoon.

Meanwhile, much of the rest of the country is experiencing milder weather. Temps are trending above average across the West, and dry skies are in place through the Ohio Valley this afternoon. All that will change, though, as the big Midwestern storm pushes southeastward. Watch for a 20-degree temperature drop in places like Missouri and Oklahoma by tomorrow! Check out afternoon temps for today vs. tomorrow below (courtesy

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Hope you have a great week ahead! -Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers

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