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Flash Flood Concerns Continue in Texas

18 May 2015, 9:22 pm


coyanosa texas @cod_stormchase

Heavy rainfall across Texas led to more reports of flash flooding on Monday, and more is expected on Tuesday as an area of low pressure nudges eastward.

Reports of flooding in the town of Coyanosa, Texas – where over three inches of rain fell in 30 minutes on Monday afternoon – were widespread, and much of Texas’ Permian Basin was impacted by the heavy rainfall, which was expected to move north overnight.

The heavy rain also led to daily records being broken on Monday further east in Shreveport, Louisiana and in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Over six inches fell in Vicksburg while more than four fell in Shreveport, leading to flooding concerns in both locations as well.

But the longer-range flood concerns are further west in Texas and southern Oklahoma, where over 300 percent of average monthly rainfall has fallen across wide stretches of both states. With highly-saturated ground already in place, more rain will continue to exacerbate flooding concerns across the region.

Remember – turn around, don’t drown! Avoid water-covered roadways, many of which are likely to be in place in west Texas with big rain expected in the area on Tuesday.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi – Photo: @cod_stormchase

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