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Flash Flooding Possible In Florida

24 Aug 2017, 3:41 pm

The big player in the tropics right now, is Hurricane Harvey.  Located in the western Gulf of Mexico, Harvey will be impacting the gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana with torrential rain, destructive winds, and a potentially devastating storm surge.  However, there is another tropical disturbance in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, that must be monitored closely.  The disturbance is within the yellow circle below:

That area has a low probability of producing a named tropical storm, however, it is likely to spread flooding rains across southern Florida.  It has already covered much of the Florida Keys and south Florida, with soaking showers today, and this trend could continue into Friday and Saturday.

By Saturday, rainfall totals could really start adding up.  Areas south of Lake Okeechobee could see between three and six inches of rainfall.

Flash Flood Watches are already posted through Saturday for south Florida.

Please remember, it is never a good idea to drive through flooded roadways.  You don’t know the depth of the water, or the road conditions beneath.  Many times, roads are washed out.  Play it safe… Turn around, don’t drown!

For WeatherNation:  Meteorologist Matt Monroe

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