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Flash Flooding Remains Big Concern Across Northeast

23 Jul 2017, 2:27 pm

A year ago, the big story across the Northeast was the lack of rain. Now, in some spots, there’s been too much of it.

Flash flooding remains a big issue across New York and through much of Pennsylvania as well, with rounds of heavy rain and severe thunderstorms dropping big rain totals in short time periods across already saturated ground in the area.

A Flash Flood Watch was issued on Sunday for much of the Empire and Keystone states, running through Monday morning, and it was extended down into the New York City area as well.

Flash flooding means the potential for big flooding that develops quickly (hence ‘flash’), often due to thunderstorms. If you come up to a water-covered roadway, turn around and find a different way to where you need to go. Heavy rain will be falling on top of areas that have already seen plenty of rainfall so far this month and year, so it won’t take much to create potentially significant problems.

Binghamton, New York is off to its rainiest start to a year on record, with nearly 34 inches of rainfall through Saturday. That’s almost two inches ahead of where the city was at the same point in 2011, which is Binghamton’s wettest on record.

More storms and potentially heavy rainfall are expected in the region on Monday as well, before a calmer spell on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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