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Flash Flooding Wallops Phoenix, Rescues Underway

24-hr rain

Torrential rain caused has some areas of Phoenix to be inundated with flood waters Tuesday afternoon. Radar estimates suggest that 1 to 2 inches of rain fell in parts of Phoenix proper, while western parts of the city recorded much less. The highest radar rainfall estimate occurred right along I-17, in northern Maricopa County. Reports of I-17 being closed at L-303, due to road flooding, correlate well with the radar estimates.

At midday, rain continued to fall in parts of Scottsdale and downtown Phoenix, additional rain will only exacerbate on-going flooding issues. According to 12 News, mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for for a local trailer park and Black Canyon City residents were told to prepare to evacuate as well. Shelters have been set up to house displaced people.

Local storm reports from the National Weather Service in Phoenix also indicated that the Phoenix Fire Department was conducting water rescues.

Highest 24-hour rain totals so far:

• 5.24″ at Towers Mountain
• 4.49″ in New Mesa River
• 3.39″ in Scottsdale, 2.36″ in one hour
• 2.91″ in Peoria
• 2.72″ at Camp Creek in Maricopa County, 0.94″ of that fell in one hour.
• 1.65″ in Phoenix

Monsoonal moisture has been pouring into the Desert Southwest for days, helping to fire off showers and thunderstorms in normally arid Arizona. Additional rainfall is expected through the afternoon. This is an evolving situation and WeatherNation meteorologists will monitoring through the evening.

Below are some incredible images from social media.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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