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Flood Watches Continue in Pockets Across The Country

23 Feb 2017, 10:29 am

Heavy rain, over-saturated soils, melting snow and ice jams are leading to flood concerns in portions of the country. From California to New York, flooding alerts have been issued.


In California, months of heavy rain has produced high water levels on lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs. Flood Watches and Advisories continue in several communities.  Local levees and dams have been breeched in some areas over the last few weeks. Evacuations were ordered for around 50,000 people in San Jose recently, with a State of Emergency still in effect.  188,000 were evacuated earlier this month in Orville as a spillway threatened the area.


The combination of rain and melting snow in Idaho has produced significant low land flooding over roadways and in fields and houses. Colder temperatures may slow the melting process over the next few days, but after additional snowfall, warmer readings are in the forecast. Flooding problems will likely continue.


Warmer temperatures have been melting snow and ice across Northeast Montana.  Ice is breaking up and flowing along many of the rivers and streams across the region. This includes the Yellowstone River in the Glendive area. Ice jams are a concern, that could back-up upstream waters and produce rapidly rising water levels. An ice jam on the Milk River in the Glasgow area continues to contribute to high river levels, but waters are not expected to reach flood stage yet.

New York and Vermont

Record warm temperatures and moderate to heavy rainfall is expected on Saturday in portions of the Northeast. A deep low pressure system moving through the Great Lakes will produce several periods of rain, with amounts over an inch possible. The much warmer temperatures will also result in a rapid snow melt, which may lead to high water levels. Localized ice jam flooding are also a concern.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Mace Michaels

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