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Flooding Concerns in the Plains this Week

27 Apr 2022, 2:45 pm

With our next severe weather threat shaping up for the Plains, another round of heavy rain is anticipated too. We have the risk of flooding stretching from the central Plains up into the northern Plains, with flooding already ongoing into parts of North Dakota and Minnesota.

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Northern Plains

Due to recent snowmelt and rainfall over the weekend, the ground and soils are overwhelmed. Many rivers, including the Red River of the North and St. James Rivers in North Dakota are at Major flood stage through the day today.

Flood alerts are in place for the risk of river flooding. Stay away from rivers, creeks and streams as they are running high.

Our snowpack is still really healthy across Montana and western North Dakota, this fresh snow will continue to create flooding concerns as it melts.


Concerns for flooding shift northward into the central Plains around the storms that impact the area late Thursday into Friday. There is a marginal risk for flooding around Missouri on Thursday.

By Friday, as the area of low pressure develops, the threat is a lot larger, from Montana down through Tennessee. Our risk for flooding is heighted in the northern Plains where frozen ground and snowmelt will make it hard for the ground to absorb any more precipitation.

Rainfall totals of 1″ to 3″ are likely Wednesday into Friday, with isolated higher totals possible, especially in the northern Plains and around the area warm front, in the Midwest.

WeatherNation will keep you updated with future forecasts concerning the flooding potential across the Plains.

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