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Flooding Concerns & Severe Weather Chances

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Welcome to your last full week of July 2013! Where is the summer going? YIKES! No surprise that we’ve had a number of showers and storms across the nation and heat and humidity are quite prevalent in many corners of the country. Thanks to Michael Moore from Palm Bay, FL for the incredible lightning shot below!

Shelf Cloud

Here’s an amazing shelf cloud picture from Daytona Beach, FL – Unreal, isn’t it? It almost looks like a UFO is moving in! This type of cloud is indicative of gusty winds (sometimes severe) and heavy rainfall potential. If you were to see something like this headed your way, seek shelter immediately!

Heavy Rainfall Last 30 Days

Take a look at the radar estimated rainfall over the last 30 days, note how the eastern third of the nation and especially in the Southeast is lit up in bright red/purple and white coloring, which indicates nearly 10″ to 20″ of estimated rainfall! Not surprise that flooding has been a big problem for folks in these ares with as much rain as we’ve seen over the last several days/weeks.

South Carolina Flooding

Heavy rainfall over the weekend in Columbia, SC led to flash flooding like the image seen below from our partners at WLTX News 19… A boat in a backyard is not what you’d expect to see everyday is it?

Here’s another shot of significant flooding thanks to Andrew Schwisow. This is from Columbus, OH at the Ohio State Campus! WOW, look at all that water!

Flash Flood Potential

NOAA’s 3 hour Flash Flood Guidance suggests that only about 1″ of rain may be needed for some flash flooding potential in spots around the Ohio Valley. Keep in mind that it has been extremely wet for some this month thus far and additional heavy rainfall may be possible today/tomorrow before drier weather moves in.

Flash Flood Watches have been issued for areas shaded in green below through late tonight.

Monsoon Thunderstorms Continue in the Southwest

Daily monsoonal thunderstorm are expected to continue to develop this week with the potential of flash flooding. The National Weather Service has issued Flash Flood Watches for several counties in the Southwest due to heavy rain potential.

Monsoonal thunderstorms are notorious for flash flooding, sparking wildfires and dust storms or haboobs. Take a look at this haboob from Arizona – watch the video HERE:

Southwest Rainfall Potential

Monsoonal thunderstorms may be responsible for pockets of heavy rainfall potential across the Southwest over the next several days. I could see up to 1″ to 2″+ through midweek where thunderstorms develop.

Thanks for checking in, have a great rest of your week!

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