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Life-Threatening Flash Flooding Targets Arizona, Southwest


Tropical moisture from Tropical Depression 16-E is dousing Arizona and the Southwest with potentially life-threatening flash flooding.

Rainfall totals across parts of Pima and Santa Cruz Counties in Arizona had already exceeded three inches as of Monday afternoon – roughly a quarter of the area’s average annual rainfall. Tucson, Arizona already had an inch of rain, with more expected through the evening and overnight. Phoenix, Arizona is on the western fringe of the heaviest anticipated rainfall, but the city is still bracing for the potential for flash flooding as well, although the worst of the rain is expected to stay mostly east of the metro area.

Elsewhere, heavy rain is expected to move north and east overnight and into Tuesday into parts of northern Arizona and New Mexico, leading to flash flood concerns here. The moisture from the remnant tropical low is expected to be mostly wrung out by the mountainous terrain of the region by mid-week, but not before potentially life-threatening flash flooding due to the unusually heavy rainfall.

The flood threat comes just a week after flash flooding in southern Utah killed 20 people. The topography of the Southwest, filled with canyons and valleys, makes this part of the country particularly vulnerable to flash flooding. Remember, if you come up to a water-covered road, turn around, don’t drown!

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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