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Flooding rains possible for South-eastern Texas this weekend

3 Dec 2016, 5:51 am

As a low pressure system continues to dump heavy rain across Texas, we’re going to start watching for the possibility of flooding in some areas. High pressure is parked off to the north and east of Texas which is allowing warmth and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to push onshore.


Combine that with the low pressure sitting of the the south of Texas which is also allowing that warm moist air to funnel onshore and you end up with lots of rain. Which is what we are already seeing. Anywhere from a half of an inch to upwards of three inches of rain has fallen since Friday.


Through the next several days, more rain is anticipated. Upwards up an additional 2-6 inches of rain could fall with isolated higher amounts.


For that reason, flood watches have been posted until Monday evening. Areas from College Station, to El Campo and up to Fort Polk South, including the Houston metro could see minor flooding through Monday. Areas in Houston that typically see flooded roadways can expect to see that occur this weekend.


The good news that comes from this is that portions of Texas and Louisiana are under some sort of drought and this rain will really help in diminishing some of that.


For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Andy Stein

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