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Flooding Wreaking Havoc in Northeast Washington

13 Apr 2017, 5:35 pm

A very wet winter in the Pacific Northwest is now causing significant problems in one county in northeastern Washington. The Ferry County Sheriff’s Office posted photos to their Facebook page Wednesday evening, showing how the flooding is now taking its toll on the county.

In a news released issued by the Ferry County Sheriff’s Office and the Colville Tribal Police Department, they say that the Sanpoli Valley is experiencing “the worst flooding in decades.” The two departments go on to say, “over the last month we have received a mix of rain and snow in large quantities throughout the whole county. We have experienced several road closures, landslides, mudslides and flooding. This is just the beginning of the spring run off season. Our soil in the county is unstable due to our fire season of 2015 and our continuous high mountain snowfall.”

The photos show roads flooded and washed away. The Sheriff’s Office also posted two photos of a house that is tilted halfway into the Sanpoil River off of Highway 21. The Sheriff says the house, as of 72 hours ago, is still tilted that way.

They add a majority of Ferry County roads are under weight restrictions. “All of these roads have a potential of receiving more damages and possibly giving way at any time,” officials wrote, adding they are working hard in preserving the road until damages can be repaired permanently.

Residents living near steeps slopes should be on alert for rock or mud slides. Burn scars in steep terrain will be more prone to slides and debris flows. Residents in the Sanpoil Valley are being asked to have sufficient water,food and medication in case roads are damaged by flooding and they cannot drive out.

Photo: Ferry County Sheriff’s Office

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