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Floods inundate DC metro – more on the way?

10 Jun 2014, 10:08 pm

Five miles away from College Park, MD, you might not have had a drop of rain all day today. But in College Park, just to the north of Washington D.C., itself, it looked like monsoon season in south Florida this morning.

Check out these pictures courtesy of @DrMikeAllen on Twitter, where car rescues and two dozen homes had to be evacuated as a result of the rather spontaneous floods in metro DC:



Doppler radar estimated about four inches of rain fell in just two hours in this very localized part of Prince George’s County (the heavy rains might’ve been an area of around 10 square miles. Maybe), prompting flash flood warnings. Those shifted, later in the day, up I-95 into the Baltimore area (mostly on the north side of the city), where more “sitter” storms, or strong storms that don’t move a whole lot, parked over “charm city”, producing big rains there as well, though not quite as severe as those that plagued the College Park area earlier in on Tuesday.

More localized showers and storms are likely in and around DC tonight, but they’re more likely for tomorrow. A big line of showers and storms, associated with the same batch of severe weather in the Tennessee and Ohio valleys currently, will push east into the beltway, making your Wednesday afternoon potentially a treacherous one in DC. Severe

Remember- turn around, don’t drown! Unfortunately, you might need this piece of (handy) advice tomorrow in the beltway region. Stay safe and tune into WeatherNation for all the latest!

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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