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Florida Keys Residents Survey Hurricane Irma Damage

14 Sep 2017, 9:58 am

Between the power cuts, fallen trees and scattered debris, Florida Keys is not the paradise it was before Irma hit.

This video, shot by Tavernier resident Kim DeMilly Hilson, shows what she came home to after Hurricane Irma moved through her town on Sunday.

In the video, Hilson pans around the beach, showing broken boardwalks and downed trees. “The Keys are bruised and battered, but still paradise with an amazing community that’s already working together,” Hilson wrote.

Eight deaths were reported in the Florida Keys, according to the Miami Herald, and much of the population were left without cell or internet service.

According to CBS Miami, people were cleaning up blocked streets and residents who evacuated were returning to their homes to tend to the damage.

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