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Floridians Prepare for Hurricane Irma

6 Sep 2017, 4:52 pm

People in Florida are doing what they can to prepare for Hurricane Irma.

In this video, Floridians struggled to find bottled water and other supplies at a Boca Raton Publix.

Many stores ran out of water as shoppers tried to stock up before the storm.

WeatherNation Field Correspondent Brandon Clement talked about what it was like Wednesday as people prepared for Hurricane Irma.


“Not many gas stations had gas,” Clement stated. “But as one ran out, it seemed like another one would all of a sudden get a truck in and be able to fill up.”

People started evacuating the Florida Keys area Tuesday. Cars continued to line the highways to evacuate the area.

If you are still needing to prepare, click here for some tips.

For Florida emergency information, click here.

And don’t forget about your pets! For information about pet evacuation and pet friendly emergency shelters, click here.

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