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Four Tornadoes Confirmed In Iowa Sunday

18 Jul 2016, 6:50 pm

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A line of thunderstorms tracked across northern Iowa during the early morning hours Sunday. These storms brought damaging winds, heavy rains, frequent lightning, and a few brief tornadoes to the area. Today, the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities finished up their assessment from the damage caused by yesterdays storms. The National Weather Service concluded that four tornadoes touched down Sunday morning, the strongest being a high end EF-2.

The town of Vinton, Iowa was hit by the strongest tornado, which packed winds of 135-mph. The tornado tracked across the southern part of Vinton, damaging buildings, trees, then hit the ball field where it destroyed fencing, the score board and a large light pole. It then tracked across several multi-family buildings, where it mainly removed the roof structures. From there, the tornado intensified as it struck a brick apartment building, which was unroofed and had parts of the walls blown out. The tornado then toppled a cell phone tower and apparently began to weaken as it continued across a large field. The roofs of another eight homes were damaged as the tornado finally exited Vinton and continued into farmland where it dissipated. Fortunately, only 5 people reported minor injuries.

Three other tornadoes were confirmed. An EF-0 struck Park View, Iowa with peak winds of 80-mph. Another tornado struck the town of Wallford, Iowa, with peak winds of 115-mph, classifying this tornado as an EF-2. The last tornado struck Andrew, Iowa, with peak winds of 100-mph, making this one, an EF-1.


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