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Friday: 15 Days Until Meteorological Summer, Snow in the Midwest

16 May 2014, 12:00 pm

5-16_0905_RNE_PIC_Endicott, NY_Wet Flower 1_FB_Steve Coney

The countdown is on to June 1st.  This will mark the first day of what meteorologists consider the season of Summer, which includes June, July, and August.  With only a handful of days remaining, how could we still be using words like frost, freezing, and even snow??  As a cold air mass settled in across the Great Lakes and Central Plains, the precipitation turned to snow briefly in the Chicago area this morning.


Map from the National Weather Service in Chicago shows the area of snow coverage:


From the National Weather Service in Chicago:  “A very cool Thursday Night set the stage, with temperatures in the 40s falling into the 30s in some places overnight.  As temperatures cooled in the lowest few thousand feet of the atmosphere even more late overnight into early Friday morning, partially helped by saturating (a cooling effect) from the influence of a low pressure system overhead, snow reached a lower and lower altitude before melting.  Eventually, it would begin reaching the ground just outside of the western Chicago metro around 5 am.”

Flakes have been flying elsewhere around the region as well.   Snow totals listed below are from the past 24 hours.


Chilly air also led  to the formation of frost across the portions of the Central Plains.

5-16_1129_RCP_PIC_Gardner, KS_Frost_TW_Jayson Prentice - @SeverePlains

 Photo Credit:  Gardner, KS   Jayson Prentice – @SeverePlains

Warmer weather returns for the weekend along with more sunshine so summer will seem more not as far off!

Gretchen Mishek

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