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Frigid Wind Chills

wind chill advisory

 Enough is enough, am I right?!  I for one, am getting tired of this bitterly cold winter across the eastern half of the country.  Here we are, once again, dealing with bitterly cold winds that will be blowing into the Northeast/Ohio River Valley region throughout the day today, overnight, and into Tuesday morning.  For several major cities, such as Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Boston & Cleveland, folks will have to bundle up under several layers as they head to work or school.  Some schools could see delays or closures due to the cold conditions.

wind chilll warningFor a few spots, the wind chill values will be really, REALLY low, down to as low as possible of 40 below.  There is a Wind Chill Warning across portions of the Southern Tier & Mohawk River Valley of New York State, the northern region of Pennsylvania, and the northern section of the New Hampshire and into northwestern Maine.  If you have to go out tonight and/or Tuesday morning, please make sure to cover all extremities, including thick snow hats, gloves, scarf, long socks, ear muffs, and possibly something to cover your face.   I used to live in Minneapolis, MN, for the past few years and last winter was beyond BRUTAL!  With wind chill values, at times over the course of the winter, went down to 30 or 40 below.  I had to put on two layers with just about every inch of my person covered, including ski goggles over my eyes.  The air was so cold, and so dry, that when I stepped outside and took a breath, I coughed a few times and my nose got cracked on the inside.  So, layers is key to dealing with this kind of cold, especially if you have to be out there for a prolonged period of time.

 cold graphicA large arctic air mass has dropped down across the mid section of the country, and has caused temps to drop drastically over the past 24 hours in the Southern Plains, as well as drive blustery conditions through the Northeast.  You can see the numerous white lines between the High Pressure (H) over Illinois and the Low Pressure (L) over the Atlantic.  Those white lines, isobars, are packed together, indicating the tight pressure gradient between the two pressure systems, and as a result, winds blow quicker through that tighter corridor.

WIND CHILL INFOWhile it will be very cold across portions of the Northeast over the next 12-18 hour period, just take a look at how things looked this afternoon Mt. Washington, NH.  At an elevation of over 6,000 feet, temps have been well below zero for quite some time.  Factor in the sustained, hurricane force winds  (winds at 74 mph and higher) and the wind chill values get down to an incredible 77 below zero!  The folks that work in the Mt. Washington Observatory have to wear multiple layers of clothing to deal with those conditions, or really cold resistant gear.

mt. washington webcamSo with those kind of wind chill values, based on the associated DANGEROUS COLD graphic, frostbite could kick in in less than 5 mins!  Be safe out there with these bitterly cold conditions and stay warm.

Meteorologist Addison Green

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