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The Gateway to Flooding: St. Louis

19 Jun 2015, 4:10 pm

STL Flood Bill is STILL being classified as a Tropical Depression with sustained winds at 25 mph. The center of this tropical system has slowed down to 15mph but is still headed in an ENE direction. Bill continues to produce flooding rains. The Central Plains will be the main focus going forward. St. Louis has picked up over an inch of rain the last 24 hours and storm totals in some cities have exceeded 5″. Rain will continue falling at a moderate rate however, rates up to 2″ per hour have been reported in some rain bands. St. Louis, MO in particular has experienced flash flood warning today and remain under a flash flood watch until Saturday morning. Flash flood watches actually have been expanded all the way to the Atlantic in anticipation of Bills arrival.

The thunderstorm activity has begun to fire aswell. Storms are fueling off the warm moist air that is still being pulled up from the Gulf and is wraping around Bill’s center of low pressure. Areas of southern Illinois and Souher Indiana have been upgraded to a slight severe risk as the thunderstorms are packing a larger punch than originally anticipated. We have already had numerous tornado warned cells.

Storms have also begun to fire across the High Plains where the severe risk has been upgraded to a moderate risk. For more information on these storms tune into WeatherNation where we will continue to cover Bill and the developing thunderstorm activity across the nation.

Meteorologist Tracey Anthony

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