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Great Salt Lake – Lake Effect Snow

4 Dec 2017, 7:06 pm

Lake effect snowstorms are common in winter across the “Great Lakes” region in the U.S. but there is another “Great” lake that also see’s lake effect snow in winter, the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Lake effect snow bands set up early Monday with a northwest winds blowing across a long fetch of the Great Salt Lake.  

The lake effect snow generated by the Great Salt Lake is more of an lake enhanced snow with minimal amounts of moisture and latent heat added to the air in comparison to the lake effect snow events across the Great Lakes. As colder air is pushed across the lake surface moisture is added and the lake it self provides a lifting mechanism which destabilizes the atmosphere enhancing convection.  

Salt particles suspended in the air near the Great Salt Lake also works as a natural cloud seeding element and contributes to Utah’s claim of having the The Greatest Snow on Earth.

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