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Hail, Flooding, Lightning, Oh My – Southwest Flooded with Turbulent Weather.

NM TX flooding hydrant

Over and over again the scene was one of asphalt and concrete being turned from roadways, to rivers as fast falling, drain-filling rain fell.

In downtown Lubbock, Texas the water rushed across streets, occasionally lit by big lightning flashes. The good news is that while driving was dangerous in this part of town, traffic was at a minimum so long after dark.

It was a different story in Artesia, New Mexico. Mixed in with the rain, splashing in the deep water, there was a lot of hail.

In some places around town, it looked more like an early snowfall, but it WAS hail and although it was too small to do damage, it was plenty deep to create dangerous driving!

tx nm hail

And where the rain was heaviest, against the constant warnings to stay away from water covering roads, drivers all over town continued to tempt fate and drive through deep, moving water.

In the worst affected areas, police were out to protect drivers from themselves as the major road flooding lasted late into the night on Wednesday.

We remind you that when you come across water covering the road, the best advice is always, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown!”

tx nm flooding road


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