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Hail Smashes Through WeatherNation Storm Chasing Vehicles

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You may notice here at WeatherNation we have teams of field correspondents to bring you the ground truth as powerful storms target portions of the U.S. These correspondents have years of experience in the field. The latest technology for storm tracking at their fingertips, not to mention a direct line to our meteorologists back at the office.

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Safety is our number one priority both on air and in the field. The purpose of the correspondents is to bring our viewers the latest weather conditions as they unfold. But often they find themselves doing much more than that off camera.

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WeatherNation’s John Van Pelt is our self-proclaimed preparedness evangelist. Helping our viewers prepare for some of Mother Nature’s biggest blows.

Most recently, WeatherNation’s David Drummond played hero in Oklahoma twice. First, he helped a fellow stranded chaser.

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We cannot iterate it enough. Safety is our number one priority!

Our teams have years of experience and the resources to safely film these intense storms. And though they hope the weather doesn’t put anyone in a dangerous situation, they are fully prepared to lend a hand— whether that be a tow or even medical aide.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo 

Photos: WeatherNation Field Correspondents Ben McMillan, Robin Lorensen and David Drummond

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