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Haiyan’s Devastation: How You Can Help. Also – More on Cold Blast This Week.

11 Nov 2013, 11:04 am
From Huffington Post Article:
From Huffington Post


Scenes like the one above – a combination of what you might expect from a major hurricane and what you might expect from a strong tornado.  Look at the split trees on the left-hand side of that image.

Frightening and horrible scenes.  And those abound in the Philippines, thanks to the storm they call Yolanda, and what is known elsewhere as Haiyan.  Imagine an EF-5 rated tornado, but the size of a large hurricane – and hitting a prone region.  It’s a horrible situation and thousands of people need help now to survive.

How can you help?

Here are some suggested sites for reading:

From this Huffington Post article: “The devastation is, I don’t have the words for it,” Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said, according to Reuters. “It’s really horrific. It’s a great human tragedy.”

Looking at a Mashable post about the subject, we found a list of 9 ways you can donate to help people recover:


  • The United Nations World Food Programme: The WFP has set up an online donation page that will help rush food and resources to the regions affected.
  • The Philippine Red Cross: Donations will help mobilize teams on the ground with rescue and relief efforts.
  • UNICEF: Donations will help children gain access to medical supplies and clean drinking water. “Safe drinking water can be impossible to find after such a massive natural disaster. And without it, a child will drink whatever water she can find, no matter how dirty or diseased. That drink can quickly lead to diarrhea, disease and death,” UNICEF president Caryl M. Stern said.
  • World Vision: World Vision is working to get food and resources to those in evacuation shelters.
  • Catholic Relief Services: CRS is helping with the storm’s aftermath by getting supplies and staff into the area.
  • Salvation Army: Donate online for the Salvation Army’s relief efforts, or text TYPHOON to 80888 to immediately donate $10.
  • Save the Children: Donations will help children and families in the Philippines, Laos and Vietnam. Ten percent of every donation will go toward preparing for any future disasters in the area.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Donations will help create shelter-repair kits for families rebuilding their homes.
  • GlobalMedic: The Canadian organization is working to get clean water to victims.


Should you find any other ways that would be beneficial, and want to pass them on – definitely tweet me at @ashafferWNTV or tweet WeatherNation directly at @WeatherNation and we’d love to share it!




It’s amazing how something that happens every year can have such a strong impact – every year.  But that is exactly how winter and its “coldness” happen every year…


Stowe, VT: Snow
Stowe, VT: Snow


Check out the cold air overhead as of this writing:


Temperature Trend Today
Temperature Trend Today


Those shades of blue?  Some indicate nearly 0° temperatures!

That is why we’re talking about freezing conditions even in places like Oklahoma and Arkansas come Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.

Looking ahead toward next week, another extremely potent dose of winter weather will move in.  The good thing?  We’ll see more moderate temperatures between now and then.  And… the cold blast comes in during the work-week instead of the weekend.

Take a look at next Monday’s forecasted temperatures:


Temperature Trend Monday To Tuesday
Temperature Trend Monday To Tuesday


Notice how the blue shaded area lines up with the smaller blue barbs.  Those are the divider for next week from cold & warm.  We’ll see what happens, and hope that the models shift a bit…

Stay tuned!
WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV



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