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Hall Pass? Montana High School Plagued by Bears

14 Oct 2015, 2:54 pm

highschool bear

Bozeman, Montana – As students cracked the books today at Bozeman High School, a rouge bear decided to take to the halls likely with one goal: FOOD.

Gallatin County sheriff’s deputy, “kept an eye on the bear” until it was ushered out of the building by a police officer, The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported.


Video by Leon Uebelhoer, foreign exchange student from Germany

Posted by KBZK TV on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

(Video: KBZK)

Recent bear sightings:

UPDATESOctober 13, 2015Bonner: A community church picked the apples that had been attracting a female black bear with…

Posted by Missoula Bears on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What to do if you encounter a bear:

–Make certain you have bear pepper spray at the ready and know how to use it.
–Always maintain a safe distance from bears.
–Stay calm.
–Immediately pick up small children and stay in a group.
–Behave in a non-threatening manner.
–Speak softly.
–Do NOT make eye contact.
–Throw a backpack or other object (like a hat or gloves) on the ground as you move away to distract the animal’s attention.
–Slowly back away, if possible. Keep a distance of at least 100 yards.
–Do not run from a bear. Running may trigger a natural predator-prey attack response and a grizzly can easily outrun the world’s fastest human.
–Don’t climb a tree unless you are sure you can get at least 10′ from the ground before the bear reaches you. Many experts recommend against climbing trees in most situations.
–Do not attempt to frighten away or haze a grizzly bear that is near or feeding on a carcass.

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