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Halloween Forecast Not Too Scary

28 Oct 2016, 7:07 pm

Halloween arrives on Monday and for many the weather may be a bit tricky but some are in for a treat.


Weather for Halloween trick or treating can have major impacts for those ghosts, goblins, mermaids and superheros across the country.  A superhero toting an umbrella or a princess who has to wear a winter coat are situations we would like to avoid this year and like most years mother nature will be dealing out the tricky weather while treating others to great conditions.

Fortunately, the forecast this year does not look too scary with dry weather for most on Halloween.

The weather may be a bit tricky in the west, northwest, high plains and the Upper Midwest with cooler temperatures and wetter weather.

The west coast will see the latest in a series of storm moving in from the Pacific which looks to bring a few showers and cooler temperatures to the area Monday evening.


Northern California, and areas north through Oregon and Washington state can expect a cool Halloween with extra cloud cover and a few scattered showers.

Idaho, Western Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota may hand out a variety of weather, with rain, snow and blustery conditions in some areas.

Most of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan will have very mild weather with locations north in these states seeing a few rain showers.  High temperatures across a most of the upper Midwest will be 15-25 degrees above average Monday afternoon.

The Northeast U.S. should see mild weather with near average temperatures and dry weather for the evening on Monday.

From the central Rockies east through the plains and the southeast the weather looks great for trick or treating efforts.  Dry conditions and warm temperatures will allow for optimum candy gathering by all.  Southern Texas and the southern portion of Florida may be the exception with a few showers possible.


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