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Halloween Postponed for Towns in the Northeast

31 Oct 2017, 10:46 am

A strong nor’easter brought heavy rain and powerful winds to the Northeast Sunday evening into Monday.

This two factors caused power outages for over a million customers. Many cities recorded record rainfall Sunday and Monday. With some locations receiving around 2-3″ of rain but even up to 6″ in spots. All of that heavy rain soaked the ground which made it easier for trees to topple over.

The storm also packed a punch with the damaging winds. Winds gusted up to 78 mph. Those are hurricane force winds. So many tree limbs and brought down power lines and 

To many trick-or-treaters dismay, Halloween is being postponed. Many towns have rescheduled the festivities to take place even as late as Sunday evening. This will give the towns time to clean up the debris and the downed power lines and restore power.

The northeast is no experiencing much calmer weather compared to Sunday and Monday. Much cooler with still a few lake effect rain and show showers in upstate New York.

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