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HAPPENING NOW: Rare, Unpredictable, Stinky, Chicago Corpse Flower Blooming

29 Sep 2015, 11:42 am

Live Chicago Botanic Garden Alice the Amorphophallus corpse flower
Across much of the United States, leaves are changing colors and flowers are dying off for the season, but there’s a rare flower that just bloomed in Chicago.

There are long lines to see “Alice the Amorphophallus”. It’s a titan arums or corpse flower, and is in full bloom at the Chicago Botanic Garden. It’s a rare event and there are long lines of people waiting to get a chance to see and smell it. The corpse flower blooms once every 2-10 years and is best described as smelling like rotting flesh.

For information on tickets to see Alice, visit the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

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