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Happy Frigid 2013 (for most anyway…)

1 Jan 2013, 8:58 am

Well, here we are! We survived 2012. Thank goodness this holiday isn’t riddled with tornadic storms or mega blizzards. We’ve been tame, unlike Christmas. There is a cold front that brought fresh snow to the Central U.S., but that system will quickly weaken as the day progresses. There isn’t much instability to work with in the South, so while a few rumbles will be possible into Alabama, nothing severe is expected at this time.

Let’s talk cold

Many of us are left dreaming of this as much of the nation will see below average temperatures today:

It’s an exciting time of the year in Pasadena, California. As folks snatched up their viewing spots for the Rose Parade, they had to bundle up. Frost advisories and freeze warnings were in effect New Year’s morning in Southern California. Check out this picture taken New Year’s Eve:


Here’s the forecast for the Rosy festivities in Pasadena:

The most frigid air this New Year’s morning was in the Midwest. International Falls, MN plunged to well below 0°. Not to mention the wind chills were as low as -30°. Yikes.

Most of the country will be below the average. You have to escape to South Florida to feel some nice beach weather, where temperatures are actually above the norm. Here’s the National New Year’s Day forecast:

One Big Storm

While much of the lower 48 remains relatively quiet this New Year’s day, Alaska is anything but. The winner for the worst weather on this holiday is Seward, AK. High wind warnings remain in effect as a new, powerful storm blasts the area. Check out the impressive water vapor satellite imagery of this low:

WeatherBell‘s display of the 4km NAM model shows off this low. Hurricane force winds will accompany this storm:

2012: A Look Back

Climatologists are combing over our 2012 statistics and I’m sure we’ll hear a lot about how warm and dry this year has been. In fact, it’s already known that 2012 will likely be the warmest year on record for the U.S. However, while we did have some notable nasty storms Sandy and the Christmas tornado outbreak, 2012 was really quiet on the severe from.

Here is how the preliminary tornado reports this year stack up against the norm:

Let’s see what 2013 has in store for us… Happy New Year, everyone!

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