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Happy Thanksgivikkah! Unleashing Winter in Early December?

Veggie Turkey?

Thanks to my good friend and colleague Bryan Karrick for this lovely piece of veggie art. He’s bringing this to his family dinner tonight; hope they’re not mad that I nibbled on the gizzard and half of the carrot layer 🙂


Never heard of it before… Happy Thanksgiving and happy 1st day of Hanukkah! Did you know that the last time these 2 dates converged was in 1888? Crazy huh? Even crazier is that the next time these two dates will converge is in approximately 70,000+ years.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

What would Thanksgiving be without the iconic balloons? We were close earlier Thursday to not even seeing them due to wind being so strong. Our large early/midweek storm system is moving north into the Canadian Maritimes allowing all the inclement weather to subside along with the winds.


Spongebob Squarepants made is 10th appearance in the parade this year. Do you know what the longest running balloon is in the Macy’s Parade?


Snoopy hold the record for the most times in the Macy’s Parade. It’s his 37th appearance since 1968 and interestingly, it’s his 7th redesign this year.

Somewhat Snowy Thanksgiving

According to NOAA’s NOHRSC, nearly 30% of the nation is covered by snow today, which is up nearly 10% at this time last year.

More Snow on the Way?

It’s WAY TOO early to get specific, but longer range models are suggesting snow into the first full week of December (next week). Stay tuned for further developments…. The image below is posted thru NEXT Thursday, December 5th.

Unleashing Winter

The storm system shown above has many question marks surrounding it’s precipitation potential, but there is a fairly decent correlation to the amount of colder air that will be unleashed as it crosses the nation. According to NOAA’s CPC, the temperature outlook for the early part of December looks quite cold for the northwestern half of the nation. Stay tuned for more on that too… In the meantime, have a great LONG weekend!! Gobble Gobble

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