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Heat Headlines the Labor Day Weekend Forecast

Labor Day is often referred to as the unofficial end of summer, but it certainly won’t feel like it for most of the lower 48. Well above-average temperatures are expected across a large portion of the country, especially in the West where massive ridge of high pressure will build into the weekend. Several frontal systems are expected to dive south across the Northern Plains and Great Lakes which will bring some scattered showers to the region, with the potential for severe storms Saturday night into Sunday.

As high pressure builds and brings extreme heat to the West, the jet stream will sag across the Northern Plains and Upper Mid-West to keep temperatures more mild through most of the weekend. High pressure will also linger in the upper-levels of the atmosphere over the Southeast, keeping temperatures well above average there.

Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories are in effect through the weekend in California, Nevada, and Arizona. High temperatures in the lower deserts are expected to reach between 110 – 120°, while even west of the mountains and closer to the coast, highs could top 100 – 110° for areas like Los Angeles and San Diego.

Forecast Temperatures

You can check the maps below for a high temperature near your location this weekend, or you can get your forecast anytime on our WeatherNation app. Continue scrolling past temperatures for a look at the precipitation forecast.

Precipitation Forecast

Showers and thunderstorms will linger across the Gulf Coast into the Southeast to start the Labor Day weekend, with severe storms possible in the Midwest, starting mostly after dark on Saturday.

On Sunday the severe weather threat moves across Lake Michigan, while general thunderstorms are possible around the Southeast and Gulf Coast.

While most of the country looks to stay dry through holiday weekend, a few pockets of heavier rain and strong storms will be possible. Snow could even fall across Montana and Wyoming on Monday as a powerful cold front begins to dive south from Canada. Check the snapshots below for an estimate of storm coverage and intensity.

WeatherNation will maintain its typical programming through the holiday weekend so be sure to check in for the latest updates on the tropics, severe storms, and more! Remember, watches and warnings are always scrolling at the bottom of our broadcasts and live streams.

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