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The Heat Is On: Philly, NYC Temps Rise Into Weekend

The heat returns to the Northeast in a big way this week, with 90°-plus temperatures expected in New York City and Philadelphia this week and into the upcoming weekend.

Not only will the mercury be rising well into the 90s this week, but humidity values will be on the increase as well, making the heat index, or what it actually feels like to someone outside, feel significantly warmer, perhaps into the low 100s by Friday and Saturday, especially in Philadelphia, where heat watches are in place from Thursday through Saturday.

heat warning

A heat advisory is in place for New York City for Wednesday and Thursday, with temperatures near 90 and dew points in the mid 70s combining to make it feel close to 100° both days.


This is a classic case of a ‘Bermuda High’, or a big dome of high pressure located roughly over the island of Bermuda, which acts to pump in hot and muggy air into the Northeast. Saturday looks to be the hottest of the days, with air temperatures expected to rise into the mid-90s in Philadelphia.


Make sure to take frequent breaks when outdoors, drink plenty of water and wear light-colored clothing to help beat the heat.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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