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Heat Starts To Subside

8 Jul 2012, 12:53 pm

(View over DC this morning. Webcam from:

Washington DC endured record heat yesterday.  High temperature topped out at 105°, breaking the previous record on that day.  That’s interesting but now here is something even more remarkable.  The all time record for Washington DC is 106°.  For a one minute yesterday afternoon, the high temperature did actually reach 106°, tying the all time record.  However, it order for it officially count, the temperature has to stay there for 3 whole minutes.  So that 106° reading will not go down in the record books.  Whether it counts or not, it was hot! But the heat streak is ending and cooler air along with some storms are coming in for today. Projected high for today is 97°, so definitely not “cool” by any stretch of the imagination but at least we are out of the 100 degree range and headed in the right direction with highs returning to the 80s by tomorrow.

It was so hot that an airplane got stuck in the Tarmac at Reagan airport.

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From the Washington Post: “Things were proceeding normally Friday evening as a US Airways flight was leaving the gate at Reagan National Airport to begin its flight to Charleston, S.C. But the temperature reached 100 degrees in Washington on Friday and that apparently softened the airport paving enough to immobilize the airplane. The small vehicle that usually tows planes away from the gate tugged and pulled, but the plane was stuck. It was apparently a soft spot caused by the heat,” airline spokeswoman Michelle Mohr said, and the airplane “wouldn’t move.” A jet airliner getting stuck in the airport tarmac appeared to be one of the more unusual incidents that occurred in the Washington area amid a blistering string of daily temperatures above 95 degrees.

Severe Weather Threat

Storm damage yesterday caused by high winds.

Photo from: Twitter / RoeCritch: Storm damage on my street,.

Photo from: Paul Brook Photography

Threat area for today does include the DC area along with Virginia Beach, Roanoke, and Charleston. As we have seen with the recent storms, the main threat will be for damaging winds.  Although tornadoes are not as likely, it will still be a potentially destructive storm with those very high wind gusts. 

 Severe threat shifts south for Monday as that cooler air moves further south and will be including the Carolinas.

Heat Wave Subsides

With a shift in the weather pattern, cooler air is coming in from the north and providing some much needed relief. Already feeling the relief around the Great Lakes with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday at this same time.

Getting Hot in the Southwest

While the east is going cooling down, the west is heating up.  Above average temperatures extending from the dessert Southwest all the way up to the Seattle area. Highs in the northwest over 10 degrees above average.

The hottest weather will be in Arizona and southeastern California (no surprise here) and will be the hottest weather of the year in these areas.

Temperature in Phoenix already at 91° at 8:30 this morning!

Webcam from:

From the National Weather Service in Phoenix:

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of this forecast isn’t so much those intense afternoon highs but the intense over night lows.  The low temperature in Phoenix will be higher than the afternoon high temperatures across most of the upper Midwest next week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Meteorologist Gretchen Mishek

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