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Heatwave Activates Emergency Cooling Plans

29 Jul 2015, 3:38 pm

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The heat continues to build up across portions of the Northeast. And while this is the Summer season, and the hottest temps of the year come around now, it is the combination of the heat and the humidity, which is leading to heat concerns for cities such as New York City and Philadelphia. In NYC, across all five boroughs, there has been a Heat Advisory in place since Tuesday, and will be up until Thursday evening. The city has seen their first heat wave of the season. A heat wave is defined as 3 or more days of 90°+ heat. The weather station at Central Park recorded a high of 90 on Monday, 95 on Tuesday, 96 today, and is forecast to hit around 90° the next few days. We didn’t set any new daytime high records in any 6 weather station in the NYC area (Bridgeport (CT), Newark (NJ), Islip (NY), JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Central Park) today, but we certainly were trending well above average. The average high this time year, on average for all 6 sites, is 84° and we trended about 10° warmer than that. Factor in the high dewpoints, into the upper 60s, and that area felt into the mid to upper 90s.

In Philadelphia, PA, the city, and surrounding areas into New Jersey and Delaware, are under an Excessive Heat Warning (the highest alert level pertaining to heat) where they have the potential to feel into the 100s. Philadelphia International Airport got to a high of 93°. While they didn’t break a record, they did trend above average by 6°. Which, doesn’t seem like much, but once again, factor in dewpoints and the temperatures felt about 99° (as of 5 pm EDT). With all the heat concerns across the region, cooling stations were opened to the public so that they could find some cool relief during the peak heating hours in the day. According to the NYC OEM, the New York City Office of Emergency Management’s website, cooling centers are brought out, “When the heat index is predicted to be dangerously high.” “New York City opens cooling centers in air-conditioned public community centers, senior centers, and public libraries to offer people relief from the heat. Individuals who have no ready access to a cool environment, and particularly those at risk for heat-related illness, should use the cooling centers during a heat wave.” Cooling centers were also open in portions of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Avoid doing strenuous activities during the peak daytime heating hours (11 am – 3 pm) and if you are out and about drink plenty of water.


Extreme heatwave in the New York area activates emergency heat plan:

How are the locals dealing with the heatwave?

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