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Heat Wave Scorches Europe, Little Relief In Sight

30 Jun 2015, 9:18 pm

eurohighs A heat wave has much of western Europe sizzling in temperatures running as much as 30° above average, with little end in sight.

Temperatures soared to over 100° in parts of Spain and France, while temperatures were in the 90s in typically temperate England on Tuesday, with even balmier conditions expected on Wednesday before a slight cool down for some by the end of the week.

In France, the hottest temperatures are expected to occur on Wednesday, with highs in Paris expected to reach 100°. Some southern French cities, particularly those away from the Mediterranean Sea and the Bay of Biscay, may see their highs climb well into the 100s. Paris’ average high in July is 77°. An orange heat alert has been issued for Wednesday for much of the central and eastern portion of the country (including Paris), Meteo France’s second-highest heat alert.

Meanwhile, Spain has been baking in temperatures that reached 110° in spots. Cordoba, Spain saw an 110° high temperature on Sunday, and while things here in Spain’s southern Andalusia province have been a bit cooler this week (still above average, though), hot temperatures are expected to return for Friday, when an “Important Risk” heat advisory (second-highest of four heat advisory settings) is in place for south-central and interior northeast Spain, according to Spain’s AEMET.

The heat wave is being caused by a huge ‘omega block’ at the upper levels of the atmosphere, or an upside down “U”, allowing unusually warm air to surge north from the Mediterranean and northern Africa.

The heat wave also, unfortunately for participants, coincides with The Championships at Wimbledon tennis tournament, which is being held on the west side of London, England. Temperatures there are expected to soar into the low-t0-mid 90s on Wednesday – about 20° above London’s average July high temperature of 74°. Cooler weather in England, at least, arrives Thursday.

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Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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