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Heavy Rain in the Forecast for Parts of Texas Wednesday

7 Nov 2017, 2:04 pm

A cold front is moving through Texas today and once this cold front pushes into the southern Texas, Gulf moisture will overrun the front and interact with an upper level trough.  This set-up should help generate scattered showers and at times heavy rain.

Heavy Rain Set-Up

Here is one of my favorite weather events…overrunning.  Overrunning in this case is when warm and humid air rides up over a layer of colder air.  This particular set-up will be Gulf moisture overrunning the cold front pushing into southern Texas.  Widespread clouds and steady rain will likely develop on the cool side of the cold front.  Times of heavy rain will be possible and that could lead to a few areas of flash flooding.


The rain should start to develop as early as Tuesday night and could last through Wednesday evening.

Rainfall Potential

The highest rainfall potential will likely be from Abilene to Dallas and down to Waco.  Isolated areas of flash flooding can’t be ruled out.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford




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