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Heavy Rain Possible for Florida This Week

21 Nov 2017, 8:16 am

If you are heading to Florida for Thanksgiving, you will definitely want to have the umbrella handy.  A developing area of low pressure in the eastern Gulf of Mexico will tap into that Gulf moisture and provide some consistent rain chances over the Florida peninsula.

Heavy Rain Set-Up

A stationary front will stay over central Florida for the next few days and this will allow an area of low pressure to develop in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.  This system will have plenty of moisture to work with and there will also be a chance for some thunderstorms.  The severe weather risk will be low, but some brief heavy rain will be possible.

Rainfall Potential

Some impressive rainfall totals are shaping up for central and northern Florida through Friday.  This heavy rain threat could lead to some areas of flash flooding and low visibility.  If you are traveling through this area, be on alert for some hazardous conditions on the roads.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford 


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