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Heavy Rain for Southeast Louisiana Monday Morning

2 Oct 2017, 7:25 am

Heavy rain is very likely for southeast Louisiana today, with some areas seeing several inches before noon. Intense rainfall within developing thunderstorms and the possibility of training will lead to areas of flash flooding.  The area most likely to see the flooding conditions will around the Mississippi Delta.

Southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi will also be dealing with the potential of coastal flooding through Tuesday.

A trough of low pressure over the northern Gulf of Mexico will bring strong winds out of the east.  These easterly winds will likely lead to a build up of water along the eastern shores of Louisiana and Mississippi. These are the areas that are under a Coastal Flood Advisory through Tuesday afternoon. This means that both onshore winds and tides will combine to create flooding, especially in the low lying areas.  This trough will continue to push east and bring heavy rain to the Texas Gulf Coast by Tuesday and Wednesday.


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

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