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Heavy Rain and Strong Winds Cut Through Connecticut

25 Feb 2016, 11:42 am

2-25_0605_RNE_Hartford,  CT_Wednesday storms 3_TW_@LtFoley_EL
Heavy rain and strong winds cut through Connecticut early Thursday morning, knocking out power to more than 70,000 residents.2-25_0605_RNE_Hartford,  CT_Wednesday storms 4_TW_@LtFoley_EL

Connecticut Department of Transportation reported hundreds of road closures, snarling traffic for the early morning commute. The storm briefly shut down lanes on the Interstate 91 on-ramp to Interstate 95 in New Haven, a heavily traveled stretched of road. Eversource CT and CT DOT are working to get power lines back up and running and roads re-opened.
2-25_0605_RNE_Hartford,  CT_Wednesday storms 4_TW_@LtFoley_EL

2-25_0605_RNE_Hartford,  CT_Wednesday storms_TW_@LtFoley_EL

2-25_0605_RNE_Hartford,  CT_Wednesday storms 2_TW_@LtFoley_EL

Images: @LtFoley

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