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Heavy Chances Snow for Northern Maine This Weekend

15 Nov 2017, 2:51 pm

Increasing snow chances are on the way for northern Maine this weekend…Notice how I said northern Maine…that’s because the snow chances are much lower in the southern half of the state.

Heavy Snow Set-Up

The key factor with this forecast will be the track of the area of low pressure for the upcoming weekend.  The latest forecast models are showing a track over northern Vermont, northern New Hampshire and northern Maine.  South of this low will likely be all rain as far as the precipitation forecast.  North of this low will be all snow and right under the track should be a mix of rain sleet and snow.

Latest Forecast Track

Snowfall Potential

It will be very tough to determine what areas will see the most snow and just how much accumulation will take place.  If this track moves to the north…the snowfall will be much lower.  If the track moves to the south it could mean heavier snowfall into northern Maine.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford







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