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How to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Matthew in the U.S. And Abroad

11 Oct 2016, 12:18 pm

In the wake of devastation left by the aftermath of  Hurricane Matthew across the Atlantic including Haiti the Bahamas, Cuba and portions of the East Coast of the U.S. there are many needs. How can you help? There are needs for donations of money, blood/platelets and time.

Here are a few ways you can help:

The Salvation Army

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, your steadfast support allows The Salvation Army to provide food, shelter, emotional and spiritual care, and other forms of emergency assistance to disaster survivors and rescue workers. Your gifts will help bring hope to people in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and other states affected by this terrible storm and provide The Salvation Army with the resources needed to offer comfort to people through their darkest days.

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The American Red Cross

As Hurricane Matthew continued its path of destruction up the southeast coast, the American Red Cross expanded its massive sheltering effort to span five states. More than 13,400 people in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Virginia woke up Sunday morning in 248 Red Cross and community evacuation shelters.

“Matthew isn’t done with us yet. In North Carolina, the storm is causing deadly flooding and we have safe shelters open where conditions permit,” said Brad Kieserman, vice president, Disaster Operations and Logistics for the Red Cross. “Our first priority is keeping people safe. We anticipate flooding may continue for days in the Carolinas and we are working with the entire response community to make everyone safely gets the help they need.”

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Need for Platelets & Blood Donations

The need for platelets is especially critical due to the loss of these donations in affected areas. Platelets, a key clotting component of blood often needed by cancer patients, must be transfused within five days of donation and, therefore, are always in demand.

In parts of the country unaffected by the storm, the Red Cross needs eligible individuals to please give blood or platelets now to help ensure we have a readily available blood supply for patients in need. Even before the threat of Hurricane Matthew, there was an urgent need for donors of all blood types, especially type O. Appointments can be made by using the Red Cross Blood Donor App, visiting or calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

The Humane Society of the United States

Your Animal Rescue Team is lending a hand to animals affected by Hurricane Matthew and is standing by to assist in more ways in the coming days.

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Want to Add Your Organization?

Do you have a organization that is helping out in wake of Hurricane Matthew? Add the appropriate info in the comments section and we will add it to our list once verified.

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(Headline Image: American Red Cross)

2 responses to “How to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Matthew in the U.S. And Abroad

  1. There are SO many items that can be salvaged. This is from the Flood Protection Authority of SE Louisiana that was put together since Katrina.

    From John Monzon – Regional Dırector
    Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority
    15 August at 20:42 ·
    I’m reposting this so my friends can repost to public…

    To all my FB friends who have flooded, and don’t have flood insurance. I want to share a few tips that will help minimize the amount of stuff you will have to replace. I learned this from my flooding experience after Katrina…

    1. Your refrigerators and freezers can be salvaged. The cooling system is closed so let your R/F stand upright for 24 hours to let the oil in the compressor settle. Spray the R/F interior with fresh water and clean dry. Spray the electric motor driving the compressor with plenty of WD-40 and let dry for at least 2 days. It should come back to life after you plug it in. If you have a sub-zero, the compressor is at the top so you’re in much better shape, just clean as much as you can and let stand for at least 3 days before you plug back in.

    2. Electric power tools such as table saws, miter saws, etc… Spray the electric motor down with WD-40 and let it sit for 3 days before plugging in. Make sure the tool is dry.

    3. Lawn mowers and weed eaters. Pull the plug and drain all the oil/water out of the unit, drain all of the gasoline and pull the carburetor. Pull the spark plug and spray everything with WD-40. You’ll need a new spark plug, motor oil, air filter and fresh gasoline. This will take a little patience but it will eventually start. If your equipment has been submerged more than a week, toss it. There will be too much corrosion.

    4. Solid hardwood furniture. Let it completely dry and clean the mud off of it when it dries, it will be much easier. Then, wipe it down with some good furniture wax like Brie wax and you should be able to salvage it. Veneered furniture may not make it, but if the veneers are not pulling off, try the steps above.

    5. Wrought iron or steel bed frames. Let them dry and use steel wool to clean them up. If the powder coating is intact, use carnauba car wax to protect the piece. If you have rust spots, sand thoroughly and spray paint with Rustoleum.

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