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Hermine’s Waves Alter New Jersey Beach

6 Sep 2016, 9:53 pm

Hurricane and Post-Tropical Cyclone Hermine mostly left the Northeast unscathed after a big scare during the Labor Day weekend, but one New Jersey beach saw a key coastal barrier wash away during the storm this week.

In Cape May, New Jersey, a well-known and popular summer tourist spot, a jetty, or a long, narrow structure intentionally designed to help protect coastlines from storm surge, was altered by Hermine, according to the Cape May Times. The Second Avenue jetty was washed away by the big surf on Labor Day Monday during high tide, an area that just the day before were above water before the strongest of Hermine’s waves rolled on through.

Jetties help by acting as an extra protecting layer for a shoreline, particularly ones prone to erosion from big storms in areas like Cape May. While the jetty was submerged on Monday, no significant damage was reported in or around Cape May from the storm, and the jetty appeared to be back close to normal based off local webcam shots by late Tuesday evening.

The newspaper also reported reduced tourism on the typically popular Labor Day holiday after warnings of the storm’s potential danger came out last week. A State of Emergency had been declared for this part of New Jersey on Saturday in anticipation of Hermine’s impacts, although the storm mostly kept out to sea and created high surf.


With Hermine’s final advisory issued on Tuesday afternoon, the wave action along the New Jersey coastline should gradually subside as the week wears on. Calm and slightly above average temperatures should allow for a good upcoming beach weekend in Cape May after Hermine all but ruined the Labor Day holiday.


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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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