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High Lake-Effect Snow Chances for the Great Lakes

5 Dec 2017, 8:32 am

A strong area of low pressure just south of Hudson Bay will be the driving force for heavy lake-effect snow chances for the Great Lakes.

Lake-Effect Setup

Strong winds out of the northwest will bring very cold air over the warm lake waters.  This is an ideal setup for heavy snow for the coastal waters of the UP, Michigan and western New York.   Winter weather advisories are already in effect for parts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…more advisories will likely be issued during the rest of the day.


Here is the latest forecast where the timing is for Tuesday through Thursday.

Snowfall Potential

Some areas could see snowfall totals in excess of 8 inches.  Isolated spots could see snowfall in the 10″ to 16″ range when it is all added up by Thursday afternoon.

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