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Highway 140 to Reopen in Yosemite National Park

Yosmite National Park Rockfall
1 Nov 2016, 7:00 pm

Highway 140 within Yosemite National Park will reopen to traffic this evening at 7:00 pm. The road closed Monday afternoon after a rockfall caused several large boulders to land on the road. Officials from the park can not pinpoint the exact reason as to why the boulder fell, but they said the recent rain can be a triggering factor.

Road crews drilled holes in the large boulders, and used explosives to remove the rocks from the road. Visitors are urged to use caution when driving through the rockfall area. There were no injuries associated with the rockfall.

For updated 24-hour road and weather conditions for Yosemite National Park, call 209-372-0200.

-Header Image: Yosemite National Park (@YosemiteNPS)


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