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The Hits Just Keep Coming for the Lone Star State

23 Apr 2015, 3:01 pm

thurs-1Wednesday, the Lone Star State took hit after hit as severe thunderstorms swept through hour after hour. Large supercell thunderstorms threatened to develop tornadoes starting early in the afternoon.

In Lockney, Texas, it looked like one storm was going to drop a twister. Stephen Jones was confident, “We’re gonna get a tornado!” But this one never touched down.
thurs-2In Matador, Texas the sky was really getting dark and the storm looked like it could produce a funnel at anytime. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.
But a little farther down the road, there was no shortage of hail as the sun went down in Flomont, Texas.
After dark, the hail kept coming, covering the road and ground while the constant sound of stone strikes were lit by continuous lightning flashes.
In Hereford, Texas there were more signs of tornado development with this huge storm creating an ominous backdrop to this wind power field.
These cows were ready to get out of there when the wind picked up and filled the air with heavy dust.

But that dust was knocked down quickly as soon as the rain and hail started. First small stones, then Martin Herrera shouted, “It’s coming back!” as the bigger hail began to pound the truck, “Baseball size hail!” Herrera exclaimed.
It covered the ground and road with stones of all sizes in other places too.
So much so that a truck was even losing traction and the hail fog was thick enough to drop visibilities.
There were over a hundred severe weather reports on Wednesday from Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

-John Van Pelt

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