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“Holy Heatwave, Batman!”

24 Aug 2013, 3:33 pm

Across the midwest, from late July to Mid August, it seemed as though Summer had checked out, and Autumn had moved in early.  But then as the end of Meteorological Summer (August 31) approaches, a sudden rush of heat builds back up into the area, and BAM!, we are seeing temperatures approach record levels for some spots and heat watches and warnings being issued.  This is especially true around the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.

Earlier today, temperatures were already climbing beyond the season average high of 79° (that occurred around 9am) and were getting into the mid 80s by the early afternoon hours.  I hope the doggies at the Canine Club and Spa were drinking playing of water and staying in the shade.

Winds are flowing out of the south and southwesterly directions, bringing along with them warm temps and ample amounts of moisture.  The dewpoints are climbing into some uncomfortable territory.  Upper 60s to low 70s is considered uncomfortable and above that is basically like you are in the tropics.  And where is all this moist air flowing from?  Straight from the southern plains, the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Pacific Ocean.

An excessive heat watch was posted yesterday afternoon for portions of Minnesota and was replaced earlier this morning with an excessive heat warning for the Twin Cities and heat advisories around the city.  Later on, the concerns about the heat became more widespread and more counties were added to the list.  These advisories don’t go into effect until Sunday but it already feels hot and humid out there today.  Temps in the metro of the Twin Cities, when combined with the humidity, will feel closer to 105° for the next three days!  Um, I’m ready for Autumn please.

On Monday, the heat is going to expand further eastward, while holding tight to its grasp in the midwest.  Temps will still be around 10-20° above normal levels.  A lot of colleges and schools are opening up this week before Labor Day and students will have to take it easy while moving back into the dorms or heading to those first classes.

As for how long the heat will last, well its moving and settling in for a while.  Temperatures in the Twin Cities will be breaking records over the next few days before a slight “cool down” comes around mid-week.  And then we heat up again into the Labor Day Weekend.  Some models are hinting that the holiday weekend could be just as hot as the upcoming Sunday-Tuesday time frame… yikes!!!

Stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay tuned for more.

Meteorologist Addison Green (Twitter: @agreenWNTV)


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