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Hot Hot Heat – North to South – Coast to Coast

17 Jul 2015, 1:32 pm

heat 1Extreme heat from coast to coast, and north to south has been a continuous story this summer. The forecast looks no different. Today heat advisories span across the central U.S. all the way to Florida with highs in the mid to upper 90s and heat indices reaching 115°.

heat 2The heat index is a measure of how hot it actually feels when you factor in the humidity (measure of the water content in the air) with the actually temperature, or it is also known as the “feel like temperature.” Now this sparks the next question…”Why, does humidity make you feel like it’s hotter outside?” As your body warms you produce sweat to try and cool yourself down, if the atmosphere around you is dry (low humidity) your sweat evaporates quickly and essentially your body can stay cooler because heat is carried away in the evaporation. If the atmosphere is filled with moisture (high humidity) the opposite occurs. Your sweat takes longer to evaporate leaving the heat your body is trying to get rid of lingering on your skin, meaning your body is not able to cool as efficiently.

heat 3As we look out to the extended forecast it looks like the heat across the Southeast will continue. The National Weather Service’s 6-10 day temperature outlook is indicating over a 70% chance with above average high temperatures across the Southeast. In the 8-14 day outlook, the temperatures hold their ground.

heat 4Keep in mind heat exhaustion can happens all over. In the extreme heat, stay hydrated, and make sure you have ways of staying cool if you must be outdoors for long periods of time. Breaks in the shade or air conditioning will be ideal. Also, make sure to check on the elderly and your pets.

For WeatherNation: Meteroligiost, Tracey Anthony

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