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How far south will the Artic air go?

13 Dec 2009, 4:17 pm

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and that you are enjoying the days before winter (it officially begins Dec. 21st).

This morning the northeast woke up to heavy snow, freezing rain, and rain which created a travel headache for many especially those leaving from the major hubs in New York and Boston and those traveling on I-95 and I-80.  Some areas in New York (Oneida County) picked up 17 inches of snowfall as of  10AM ET so the lake effect snow machine is kicking in full force after a very dry and mild November.

A very moist pacific storm is starting to pick up more strength as it moves towards the Upper Midwest and portions of Central, South Central Minnesota and western Wisconsin would be picking up some more snow by tomorrow. Last week, many of these same areas saw up to 16 inches of snow,  so they must embrace for at least 3″ more by Monday night.  So it is looking like the Upper Midwest will have a white Christmas after all! Not only will they get snow, but also cold Canadian air is expected to funnel through and wind chill values will be around -12° and if you think about it, that is nothing compared to what it felt like last week.

Not only the Midwest will be feeling the very cold temperatures, the Artic air is expected to move south by Wednesday dropping the thermometer in cities like Atlanta,GA, Memphis,TN and even Orlando, FL but not as much as this weekend where temps in the Southeast where almost 20 degrees below normal.

What can be expected for the beginning of the work week? This map will help you figure it out.

forecast 12-14

Well amigos, have fun and make sure that if you live down south you will need an umbrella tomorrow, for those in the Northeast you will get a much needed break though some snow flurries are possible in New England and Upstate NY, for those of you in the Midwest… brace yourself for more snow especially those in the Twin Cities, and if you live out West more rain and snow for Oregon and Washington but California you will get to see rays of sunshine.

Au Revoir,

Denise Isaac


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